my name is 


Studying Art is...quite an adventure.

You can enjoy your life with it;

You can strengthen your confidence with it;

You can even explore the mystery land that lies within your heart. 

But wait...there's more.

be patient

I'm the kind of person that always find troubles for myself.

Somehow, I like it and I always accomplishes it.


Do not afraid of hard work and lose patience, anxiety is the poison that kills your spirit of creativity.

keep practising

"Practice makes perfect."

It's a classic one but never old. 

Rule is simple, as lone as you are making your hands busy, you are making progress on the thing you are walking on.


For me, the key to immortality in the field of art is to have fun.

By saying fun I mean the feeling of creating, self-evolving, communicating, imagining, challenging and accomplishing.


black and white

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